Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Remoras like moldy pita bread

We worked our way towards Marsh Harbour with easy day sails. We bought some produce, met up with our friends Brit and Sandy on Halcyon, and have been having a great time hanging out with them. We did some diving at Man-O-War Cay and biked to Hope Town (they allow only a few cars on the island). There is a great sand bar at Baker's Rock near Hope Town where Brit has been having a great time kite boarding. I know Matt is itching to try it.

Here's a video of the kids feeding remoras off the back of the boat back in Little Harbour. We have had limited internet and expect that to continue.



  1. That second photo looks like a painting!

    And look at what Conrad is saying to Mark. And you thought they didn't love each other!

    1. They're the best of friends and the worst of enemies...

  2. Matt should kiteboard. Its a blast!


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