Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Little Harbour

We moved up to the middle of Abaco island, which is the start of the 'real' cruising grounds. Behind the outer islands the Sea of Abaco is usually calm and serene, and packed full of anchorages to explore.  The trip up from Sandy Point took the full day. Again, our wind died so it took a couple (ermm, maybe 4) hours longer than we thought it would be, but we resisted the urge to crank up the engines and instead put up the spinnaker for the first time. At least it was all downwind and no one got sick, so we had that going for us.

All alone off Lynyard Cay. Everyone left when it got windy.
After a day off of Lynyard Cay getting swarmed by biblical amounts of flies after a brief rain, we are in Little Harbour now. At it's heart is Pete's Pub, a very charming art gallery and beach bar that serves fresh fish caught daily by one of the owners. The owners (now the third generation) also run Johnston Studios which produces some beautiful bronzes.  We saw them perform a bronze casting today, which seemed very old-timey and somewhat dangerous. 

Playing the ring hook game, the island version of bags.

We also went to one of the caves next to the anchorage. The Johnston family (of Pete's Pub and Gallery fame) apparently lived in the caves while Randolph (Pete's dad) was building their original home back in the 60's. The boys were disappointed that they didn't see any bats but liked being in their first cave.

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