Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fix, fix, fix your boat...

The local club scene.  No cover charge.

Many of our mornings are spent doing school with the boys (Jen) and fixing the boat (Matt). Good thing we didn't buy a fixer upper. Here's Matt fixing those escape hatch corners that broke on the way over. He's sitting in the dinghy underneath the boat.

Before we left Ft. Lauderdale, Matt redid the trampolines at the front of the boat. This was a project that had been identified before we bought the boat. It was not a high priority but prevented anyone from safely hanging out in front. It required Matt to replace/reseat a number of eyebolts and then restring the trampolines using high-strength line. Jen had to be called in to get in to some of the small lockers and compartments to tighten the bolts. Nothing like getting stuffed into a closed, dark, gasoline smelling compartment in the hot Florida midday sun!  But now we can lounge in the front of the boat just like the people in the all those glossy chartering ads.  Boat boy! Another drink please!

Afternoons are reserved for something fun, like fishing, playing on the beach or exploring.


  1. Good thing you lost all that weight....pretty small spaces you have to work in!

    1. Ha! Yeah, couldn't be claustrophobic and maintain this boat.


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