Thursday, May 19, 2022

Around the world in 2869 days


It's a bit less dramatic than going around the world in 80 days, but we made it to Grenada, closing the loop on our circumnavigation. We left Prickly Bay in August 2014 and have returned after almost 8 years.


Our goal wasn't necessarily to go around the world, but now that we're here it seems like something to celebrate. We toasted the event with a bottle of Pierre Jourdan champagne from our visit to the farms near Cape Town. We have traveled 46,000 miles, visiting 46 countries and enjoying countless experiences and friendships. We loved Grenada during our first visit, so we're happy to close the loop here. It feels like all our old friends from back then should still be here.

We traveled overnight from Trinidad to allow us enough time to arrive in Prickly Bay during the day. Also, the few 'pirate' incidents that have occurred during this leg was during daylight hours. Our trip was mostly uneventful, though the wind and favorable current that had us ripping along at over 8 knots died to under 2 knots overnight. We got impatient and ended up motoring the last few hours. As a consolation, we did catch a mahi-mahi.

The bamboo cathedral in Chaguaramas, Trinidad

An old radar installation on the bamboo cathedral hike

We will be here a few days to have our life raft re-certified. What, you say? We should maybe have done that before the 5800 nautical miles spent crossing the Atlantic ocean? You may have a point, my friend. But what's done is done. 

Also on the to-do list while we are in Grenada is to win some more livestock if Bingo Night at the Prickly Bay Marina is still going on.

What with coming back to Grenada and posting our boat for sale, I've been hit with a bout of nostalgia. I stumbled upon this post with a video tour of the boat conducted by the boys when they were just wee little guys. Perry looks a bit different these days with different upholstery and no more 'goldfish/hand logo' on her hull and the boys are all grown up. Hopefully they will look back as fondly as I do upon this last decade aboard spent exploring a few corners of the world.


  1. Kevin Kreeger (Cascadura)May 20, 2022 at 3:01 PM

    Wow you guys made it...congrats that's awesome. Just saw a post about Perry being up for sale and had to come see how far you guys made it. Awesome to see the pics, yea the boys have grown from back when we met you as you were just starting . I think, if I remember right we crossed paths a few times, Annapolis, West Palm and the Bahamas somewhere around 2013-ish.

    What are you going to do next?

    We came back on land almost 7 years ago now (although we did RV around America and Europe for awhile before settling down)

    Good luck to you all, and again, Congrats for doing it so long and making it all the way around.

    1. Thanks for the kind words! We saw your RV on fb--just a different kind of cruising. Kyle and Katie must be pretty grown now too! I think we still have that fishing pole/reel you gave us in West Palm...

  2. Woot woot !!!! Congratulations guys !!!!!! A-mazing ! I wish we we we’re in Prickly Bay with you to celebrate ! But will have to toast you from here I’m afraid ! I’m also feeling a bit nostalgic - how fun would it be to be playing bingo and winning a couple of goats ??? ! Hey! You may want to look up SV Wicked who is there somewhere
    ( Alonzos) although I think John Michele and their crew are up north visiting family right now but they should be back soon I expect ! Anyways enjoy your time in Grenada and , again , congratulations on reaching this Epic milestone ! Truly remarkable !

    1. Thanks! Not the same without you and all the other boats from back then. Also, thanks for the head's up on Wicked--meeting them tonight at Prickly Bay Marina!


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