Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Taken by Peter on Transition.
This was the chain of our friend's boat as he tried to pull up anchor. The anchor chain was really twisted around this rusty old bike. Matt went over on the dinghy to help get it untangled and it took at least 15 minutes to get it undone. The chain had managed to get a knot around the bike and had wrapped around it at least 10 times. We'll see what we get on our chain when we finally get out of here.

Like a clown car but in a kayak. Another shot from Peter.
So the big weather window that we were counting on disappeared and we will be here for at least another week. The marine electrician came by, scratched his head over our situation (which made Matt feel a little better about his own skills), and gave us some advice on how to potentially fix the FUBAR wiring situation. It's not really that bad and requires putting in a longer ground wire and adding some breakers so that we don't electrocute ourselves. The voltage drop is also probably not the reason the charger died, so we feel more comfortable putting the new one in now. We highly recommend these guys for marine electrical work, by the way.

We also have the fuel tank cleaning boat coming Thursday (so he says). Once that is taken care of, there is nothing keeping us here other than uncooperative wind.

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