Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Putting the kids to work

Now that they're 5 and 6, it's about time the kids started to pull their own weight around here. To that end, we are starting to give them some jobs on the boat.

Conrad helps lower the dinghy, puts in/pulls out the dingy plug when it rains, and bails out the water. Conrad has helped scrape growth off the bottom of the boat. Mark and Conrad take turns pushing the button to reset the location on the anchor alarm when we anchor (if they can pull themselves away from whatever argument they are having during the anchoring process itself when we are too busy to deal with them).

Mark and Conrad love cleaning the boat. They both set and help clear the table. Conrad also helps to sweep the boat and wash clothes. It's amazing what kids think is fun when you stick them on a boat all day.

Conrad caught this snapper. Dad helped reel it in.


  1. That's a beautiful fish. Is it a red snapper? I hope you liked eating it. I wish I were there to eat such fresh fish...not like the ones we get at Jewel.

    1. I think it is called a mutton snapper. It was very good. Hopefully you can come visit and eat fresh fish with us--though we don't catch as many as we would like...


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