Friday, May 3, 2013

Groundhog Day (the movie) - Day 33

We have officially been at Lake Sylvia for more than month. The anchorage is ringed with about 25 multi-million dollar properties. In all the time we have been here, I can count less than a dozen instances where I have seen the occupants using their beautiful back yards. Most of the people we see appear to be gardeners or caretakers. It seems like a waste. Maybe it's all the anchored boats cluttering up the scenery.

Yesterday, Ft. Lauderdale got a record amount of rain. You can see a lot of the buckets we put out yesterday (including a 5 gallon one, not shown). They were all completely filled and overflowing. We use the water to wash the boat, rinse off, and do dishes.

During the storm, we saw some dolphins jumping between the boats. We were all really excited. But it was game day (the day of the week where the boys get electronic games). So after about 20 seconds of looking at the dolphins, Mark starts saying, "Okay, time to say bye-bye! Bye-bye dolphins. It's game day!" Score one for the unlimited screen time camp.

We took a dinghy ride downtown to pick up a new electrical enclosure box and breakers, which was way more expensive than we thought it would be due to the breakers being European. This latest project will keep us and others from being electrocuted when the generator is running, so I guess it's money well spent.

The fuel disposal guy who was going to help us pump out the bad diesel appears to be a no show. We probably won't wait for him. We hope to be out of here within the next few days. Have I said that before? I feel like I've said that before.


  1. Hey! Still lovin your posts! Sorry you are in Ft. Lauderdale...but hopefully still having a great time!

    So, I saw this on People. Isn't this who your old neighbor married??,,20697571,00.html

    Enjoy and "chat" soon. -Shelley (not sure why I always have to post as anonymous but not sure how else to send you a note...)

    1. Hey Shelley,

      We're planning to leave tomorrow. Yes, that is our old neighbor. That didn't last too long.

      Can you replay as "Name/URL"?

      Hope to talk to you soon. Looks like you're enjoying life yourself!


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