Sunday, August 11, 2013

The first rule of boating--don't hit a rock

The weekend is here again and with it comes the hundred or so boats that descend on the anchorage.  One of them had a less than optimal day.

The main channel near our anchorage is near two danger buoys marking a rock that is submerged except at low tide. You can see one of the markers right in front of the boat in the picture. If it looks like the marker is really close to the boat, that's because it is. The photo was taken right after the boat ran into the submerged rock with a resounding crunch that made Matt say, "What was that?" Apparently the woman in red standing to the side of the boat was thrown from the boat when it hit the rock.

Unfortunately, the woman was unable to swim back to the boat (because as we found out later, she had hit her head on the offending rock with enough force to feel dazed and give her a good gash). The boat could not go to her because the rock was still there (which is what she's standing on in the picture). Matt, Boy Scout that he is, got in the dinghy to pick her up and deliver her to her boat. Of course, that was after he snapped this picture and chuckled at the situation. Maybe he's not that much of a Boy Scout. To be fair, he was not aware that she was injured until he got to her.

Matt has been busy crossing boat projects off the list. He installed our new radar and it works great as far as we can tell. He serviced a couple of our winches that really needed it. He started reconfiguring the 230 volt system so that it probably won't electrocute someone when the generator is running.  There have been a lot of other smaller jobs that have been completed.

We have ordered the rear seal for our port engine and hopefully the mechanic can work on it next week or the week after. We had wanted to explore more of the Cape Cod area but have been stuck in place waiting for responses on who could do the engine work and also to receive packages that we ordered.  At least we have pretty good internet connection to keep us amused.  On the not-so amusing side of being in one spot, our holding tank is filling up.  We are hoping to time the emptying of our holding tank with the marina time that will be needed for the engine repairs. It's a race between our poop and the mechanic, and our poop has been a lot faster so far.


  1. Annie is you okay? Is you okay? Are you okay Annie?

    You've been hit've been struck by...a smooth mineral....

  2. Do they still use Annie? If so, she's really old by now...

  3. Do you mean resuci-Annier, or Annie the rock-hitting boat?

  4. [head slap] I did not remember that the boat was called Annie or the Michael Jackson song. Duh! And good one . . .

    1. HAHAHAHA!! Wasting my best material it appears!

      Keep the posts coming! I'm loving your new life! (except for the parts about sailing on the boat).



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