Thursday, August 22, 2013

Seals, again? Sigh.

Just kidding, we love seals. Heck, we still love dolphins, despite their being all over the place. It's not yet like eagles in British Columbia. There were so many eagles when Matt and I visited way back, that they were like pigeons to us by the time we left.
Where there are seals, there is always a chance of great white sharks. Check out the folks at who just completed a white shark tagging expedition on the other side of the Cape, just a few miles away (they also have a cool "shark tracker" that shows the location of their tagged sharks).  Of course, if we really thought there were 2-ton carnivorous sharks here at the Provincetown anchorage, Matt wouldn't be diving into the water to clean the bottom of the boat. As he scraped the numerous barnacles and other critters off the bottom, some of them dug their appendages into his clothes and skin in a desperate attempt to reattach to something.

In the morning we had school. We spent the afternoon at the beach, as low tide approached. The ten-foot tides here really mess with people trying to visit the beach. We did a little better with the dinghy today and didn't have to drag it quite so far back to the water. A 25 foot powerboat that was too big to drag was not quite as lucky. They were firmly high and dry and were going to be there for quite awhile waiting for the tide to come back in. The owner took the time to do some boat maintenance. Matt was actually thinking that beaching our boat would have been an easier way for us to clean our bottom.


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  1. Jennifer--If you're interested I can put you I touch with the Ocearch team and maybe get you a tour of their boat. I messaged you on facebook too. Let me know! It's Lory.


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