Friday, August 30, 2013

Nice artists and scofflaws

As we were motoring over to the causeway near Matt's cousin's vacation home to be picked up, a catamaran that was anchored near us in Bassett's Harbor waved us over. It was actually one of the models that we were considering purchasing. The captain said hello and told us that his companions on board had done some nice drawings of our boat and that they wanted to give us one. We didn't have time to talk long because Matt's parents were waiting to pick us up so they were nice enough to drop off a cool chalk drawing while we were gone. The photo probably doesn't do it justice. The artist, Erinn McCusker, runs a studio that teaches art, including private lessons.

As we approached the causeway where we've been leaving he dingy, the harbor patrol boat pulled us over for speeding. Although we always slow down in the mooring fields and around anchored boats, we do get the dinghy up on plane in the main bay. Apparently the whole area has a 6 mph speed limit, but you'd never know by the one little "no wake" sign near the narrow channel over a mile away, or by the dozens of other boats zipping around. They let us off with a warning, but Matt's mother witnessed the whole thing as she waited for us. Not exactly the best first impression of our competency as sailors...


  1. Thanks for posting my pastel! Great blog you have.

    Erinn McCusker

    1. Thank you Erinn! If we were staying in the area, we would definitely look into your traveling art instruction.


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