Friday, August 23, 2013

P-Town Carnival Parade

We went to the Provincetown Carnival parade yesterday. This year's theme was Vegas, baby. It's a good thing they gave away beads and beach balls or the boys would have given up and gone home (and we would have been okay with that). We waited over an hour for the parade to start and then stood through an hour and a half of the slowest parade ever during the cloudy and partly rainy afternoon.

It was fun, though, and quite the show. There were some very elaborate floats and zero politicians, as far as we could tell. It was a little less family-friendly than the Independence Day parade in Beaufort but not as raunchy as the Gay Pride Parade used to be in Chicago. And it can't touch Mardi Gras for adult-only content.

We'll be up early tomorrow to head back to Bassett's Bay to meet Matt's parents. There's a chance of rain, so it may be a little wet.

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