Saturday, August 24, 2013

Gotta get your beef shield

That was the song that Conrad and Mark were singing on our sail from Provincetown back to Bassett's Bay. "Gotta get your beef shield! Gotta get your beef shield!" There was a dance too. It was a mix of hip hop and Elaine on Seinfeld. Their energy cannot be contained. At the end Mark said, "We hope you enjoyed the show. Visit"

We had a great sail back to Bassett's Bay. The winds were in the mid-20s and we had a screaming (for us) 9 to 10 knots with a reefed sail almost all the way to the canal. We barely move when the wind is light (as in we could walk faster) but when the winds pick up we routinely pass other sailboats. Not that we're competitive about it. Much.

Then in the canal, the current and wind gave us a speedy 10-11 knots. We saw a boat sailing the other way and it looked like it was barely making any progress. This trip was better than the one to Provincetown, when we had to motor the whole 6 hours. This trip back took 5 hours and we only ran the engine for a couple hours in the canal. We'll take good sailing days when we can get them.

We went to Matt's cousin's vacation house to pick up some packages we had shipped there (have we mentioned how awesome his cousin and her family are?) and got some fish for sushi. We are blowing our grocery budget on fresh fish here in Cape Cod and loving every minute of it.

Matt's parents will be here tomorrow. They haven't seen Matt's uncle and aunt in over 10 years so it will be a nice mini-reunion. Conrad and Mark are excited to see their Nana and Grandpa again too.

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  1. Are they preparing for the Robot invasion?


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