Saturday, July 6, 2013

Wild horses...

We have had a couple good beach days. The island near Beaufort with the most popular beaches is also filled with wild horses.

Today we took a dingy ride to Morehead to get some sushi fish. Morehead is bigger than Beaufort and seems less like a small town in some ways. We spent some time at the History Place while Matt walked to the sushi place. It has memorabilia from the area but is very kid-friendly with great tunnels and some toys.

We are heading over to Lookout Bight for the next couple of days and from there will sail to Norfolk.


  1. Did they drag you away?

    I went to look for you on the maritime map, but it only showed a tug boat named Perry. Maybe you've decided to earn some side-cash by hauling garbage scows over the summer?

    Hope you are well!

  2. Lol! Yeah, we're getting what we pay for with the map feature. You have to go to the full results to see us.

    I've missed your comments...

  3. Hi. Tried to send this through Cruisers Forum but the link wasn't allowed so I will paste it here:

    Hi, I read your blog post about horses and heading to Norfolk. I have never attended this event and just found out about it but thought I would pass it along in case you are heading in this direction and the date works out:

    also, thanks for taking the time/effort to post on your blog. It provides inspiration and sustenance to some who can't quite commit to the sailing dream (even though we seem quite capable of traipsing around with backpacks!).

    Take care,


  4. Thanks for the link, Chris! We would love to see that some day but it probably won't work out this time since we're going around the outside of the Chesapeake. Also, thanks for your words of encouragement. Doing passages reminds me of backpacking--lots of time for contemplation.


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