Friday, July 19, 2013

Annapolis (unplanned)

We are spending the next day or two in Annapolis to have a small repair done to our jib. We don't have to do the repair here but it's probably a good place for it. We have only been here for the boat show and it is a lot less crowded now, at least mid-week. We like this town though. Instead of ice-cream shops (though those are here too), the majority of non-restaurant businesses along the main street seem to be t-shirt shops and art galleries.

As we normally do when we're back in a civilization, we are stuffing ourselves full of ice-cream. And going to parks and museums of course.


  1. I thought I saw you anchored right off my dock! Welcome to town! I work at Adams Ribs in the Eastport Shopping Center, I work a double tomorrow (Sat) if you wanna stop by for the best BBQ in Annapolis!

  2. Look at Jennifer working her composition! Walking away. Hats. Blue Water, Sailboats, brick sidewalks, flowers, iron railings, gaslights, leading lines. What's up with that? :)

    MmMM...BBQ! Sounds like an offer you can't refuse!

  3. It was good BBQ! Enjoy your trip Phil!

    (K)--You're the pro. Anything resembling trying to compose a shot is just accidental...

  4. It's beautiful! Wish I were there!


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