Friday, July 12, 2013

As long as none of them blows us up, we'll be happy

Our first submarine sighting.  "I would like to have seen Montana..."
When we were at the beach at Cape Lookout, I pointed out to Conrad that there were hermit crab tracks in the sand. He said, "Really?" and walked over to look. After a few seconds he said, shaking his head, "Those aren't tracks. It says 'joy.' Someone wrote it." Oh. Yes, I'm doing a great job educating our children.

Conrad knows so much more about identifying fish than we do. We caught our first Mahi Mahi on our passage from Cape Lookout. It wasn't huge but we were very excited because we had been waiting so long to catch one. The Mahi had a little fish in its mouth. Conrad immediately said, "That's an Atlantic bumper!" Then he showed it to us in the fish book and sure enough that's what it was. We had never even heard of it. We have a budding ichthyologist.

Our passage was pleasant. We caught our Mahi and saw several dolphins. As we approached the Chesapeake, we caught the edge of a storm full of lightening and blowing 50 knot winds at one point. It probably seems obvious, but there are a lot of military vessels and planes around here. Today Matt contacted a line of seven big Navy boats because we couldn't tell what course they were on. They were nice enough to change course for us.

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