Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Take me to the river house

We visited our good friends who have a summer home near the Potomac River. We spent a great couple of days with them and their adorable toddler. They fed us delicious barbecue and took us to a local island in a fast boat. We can't let the boys do too much of that or we will be too spoiled to go back on our boat.

The highlight of the trip for Conrad was finding fossilized shark teeth on the island. He has mentioned a few times that he found the biggest one.

We were anchored across from the Bevins Oyster factory
which supplies them as far as Chicago. Those are mountains of shells.
Osprey nests occupied every channel marker. We even saw
one atop a sailboat mast.

We are slowly making our way up through the Chesapeake to the Cape Cod area. The Chesapeake is a very big bay, especially on windless days like those we have been experiencing. In several areas it also has worse Wi-Fi and cellphone reception than in the Bahamas.


  1. so...Sanders is DYING seeing those shark teeth! Every beach we are on, he's searching! Where were you? He needs specific details :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful adventure!!


  2. Hi Shelley--we will give you details but you need a fast boat to get there...


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