Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cape Lookout

We came to Cape Lookout by chance after meeting some great people on a sailboat that we anchored near in Beaufort. They have a daughter who is between Conrad and Mark in age. They highly recommended Cape Lookout, saying it was one of the nicest anchorages in North Carolina. We were not disappointed. The beaches are beautiful, the water is clear, and the weather was perfect. The boys had a great time playing on the beach.

We were supposed to leave today but when we went to raise the anchor, the buttons for the windlass didn't work. Again. Matt spent the morning troubleshooting and fixing the windlass. He was able to get it working by cleaning the corroded leads of the wires. So we didn't have to raise our 110 anchor by hand to go somewhere and buy a new part.

If we had to be stuck somewhere, this was a good place for it. We got to spend another day in paradise and found five dozen little neck clams (66 to be exact). Our buddy boat helped us find them and then let us keep them all. We leave for our two-day passage to Norfolk today.

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