Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Stormy storm

Last days in the Bahamas
We made it to Charleston after two and a half days and two nights at sea. There was no barfing, contrary to Mark's predictions, despite some rough seas. We spent the last night trying to skirt around pretty intense thunderstorms that had so much lightning you could almost read by it. We were mostly successful but it was exhausting.

Even though it was challenging, we were rewarded by some great experiences:
  • Two fighter jets doing low flyovers off the back of the boat. It was like our own personal air show and made up for the absence of the thunderbirds from the Florida air show.
  • Dozens of dolphins playing in the bow wakes. As soon as Matt walked up with the Go Pro on a stick, they disappeared. Maybe they thought it was a harpoon.
  • Several whale flukes--we think they were pilot whales.
  • Flying fish jumping onto the boat overnight, one almost hitting Matt in the head and another landing in a bucket.
  • Getting a weather report from a U.S. Navy warship. Strangely, the captain had a British-y accent.
Now we are safely anchored in Charleston, with an intense lightning storm surrounding us. There's no escaping this one.



    I'm so jealous...once again...except for the boating part...

    I LOVE storms! Of course, we've had tons of them all AROUND us today. It rained gently, twice at my house. Figures.

    Glad you made it without barfing!


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