Thursday, June 13, 2013


Charleston is a very nice and tourist-friendly city. A free trolley gets you all around downtown and there is free city-provided Wi-Fi in certain locations.

Yesterday it reached over 90 (way hotter than we experienced in the Bahamas) so our first stop was the Waterfront Park fountain where the boys played for a couple hours.

We also went crazy on fruit and vegetables at the grocery store. The abundance of food and plentiful (and free) garbage cans felt quite luxurious. Mark said he was glad to be back in America. When we asked him why he said, "Because there are a lot of cars. And I like cars."

Last night there was a no-see-um invasion so we had to close up all the hatches (the no-see-um netting is on order as I write). We reluctantly decided that we should turn on the generator and air-conditioning for an hour or so to avoid heat stroke. Unfortunately, the generator wouldn't start so it was a hot night. There are fans in each bunk so we didn't actually die. The next day Matt got the gen up and running again (a starter wire had a bad connection).

Grandma and grandpa get here today and we can't wait. And hopefully we're prepared this time in case we need air conditioning for their stay on the boat. They are only staying on the boat the first night and will then escape to a hotel.

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