Saturday, June 8, 2013

Goodbye Bahamas

We met a family that has been out cruising for a year. It was heartening to meet a real live family of liveaboards that have not killed each other over the course of a year and seem to have relished the experience, lumps and all.

This guy caused Matt all kinds of grief. Somehow after he was impaled, he struggled free from the spear and swam into a hole, bracing himself into it. The kids and I waited in the dinghy while we saw Matt dive down again and again. Even from 100 yards away, through the snorkel we could hear him yelling at the fish (the kids thought he said 'sucker'--yup, kids, that's what he said...). He kept trying to pull the fish out and mangled it a bit in the process. Although he felt bad about it, he also didn't want it to go to waste. He finally retrieved it, mostly intact.

We leave for Charleston tomorrow. When Mark found out we would be out for 3 days he said matter- of-factly, "There's gonna be a lot of throwing up."

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