Saturday, June 15, 2013

Grandparents rock

When my (Jen's) parents found out we were going to be in Charleston, they decided with less than two week's notice to drive from Chicago to meet us here and bring us various supplies that we had shipped to them (and that they bought for us as well).

Although the boys keep saying they love living on the boat, they have clearly missed their grandparents and have been very excited to spend time with them.

It has been incredibly helpful to have a place to ship needed items, have them delivered to us and even to have a car available. So even though my parents are still less than thrilled to have us take their grandkids away to goodness-knows-where, they have been incredibly supportive. Yes we would have managed without their help, but we are very grateful that we don't have to.



  1. havent read in a while.. As much as I love sailing, I just havent followed many sailing blogs. I know by working on my buddys old Hunter that something is always going wrong with a boat. You guys have overcome a disproportionate share of mechanical failure. Matt sounds like a blossoming mechanic/great problem solver. (It's got to become easier!)

    1. There are a lot of breakdowns but also good times. All I can say is it's a good thing there's beer aboard...


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