Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fishing, forts, and family

Lots of luggage for the night on the boat.

When we arrived to pick up the kids after two days and one night of grandparents, TV, e-games and pool-time, we were greeted by whiny wails of, "Why do we have to leave?!" complete with the whole exorcism-worthy writhing body on the couch.
Hmmm, good question.
Oh yeah, mainly because Grandma and Grandpa are not insane and won't keep you forever.

While Conrad and Mark enjoyed their time back in civilization, Matt and I spent the day running errands. The combination of having a car and someone to watch the kids allowed us to get everything done in one day.
Conrad and Grandpa caught a lot of whitefish for dinner one night (and baby sand sharks, which went back). Conrad won't touch the bait or the fish but he is great at reeling them in and shouting, "I have a fish!" so that someone can come take it off the line.
We took the boat to Fort Sumter, which is only accessible by boat. So we had the place to ourselves in between tour boats.
The carriages are charming but the sheer number
 in such a small space makes things a
little poopy on hot and humid days.

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