Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Young, drunk and half-naked

No, not us of course. Since we're clearly not young.

Lake Sylvia gets a hopping weekend crowd and apparently around Spring break that includes party boats blaring house music and loaded up with young people having fun. It's definitely a change of pace. And, with the music more than loud enough, we didn't have to use battery power playing our own stereo--so we had that going for us. We did cringe a bit when they moved their boat with a bunch of people still swimming around it, but they managed not to chop anyone into pieces. Later we had to lend a knife to one of  the party boats that got a line wrapped around the propeller. There were three dudes onboard that looked like they spent most of the day in the gym, but they made the girl dive in and cut it loose. You've come a long way, baby...or something like that.

On a dingy trip to the store, we randomly came across a festival with carnival games and bouncy houses, which was a fun time for the boys. They came home with a bunch of junky little toys that they got as prizes. It reminded us of summer in Chicago.


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