Monday, April 8, 2013

Kids say the creepiest things

Here is an exchange that I (Jen) had with the boys last night at bedtime.

Mark: Mommy, when you die I want to put you in a jar so I can look at you whenever I want. [Followed by a big hug and and kiss.]

Conrad: How is all of Mommy going to fit into a jar?!
Right, because whether or not I can fit in the jar is the main problem with Mark's thought. Unfortunately, we don't get to blame TV as a bad influence. No one to blame but ourselves, I guess...

We have been hanging out at Lake Silvia, cooped up on the boat because Matt has been off running errands. Lake Silvia is nice because it's free but there are not a lot of options for getting onto shore because most of the property around it is privately owned. The Southport Raw Bar is what many of the boaters use (you can tie up for $10, which gets applied to any money you spend there; they have a great happy hour). There have been battles between homeowners (mostly of the multi-million dollar value persuasion) and boaters wanting to anchor in the water (which is owned by no one).

So besides school, the kids and I have been making corn starch goo and swimming off the back of the boat. We are making progress on our engine and generator issues. Sher, the mechanic, has diagnosed our engine issue to be a bad transmission and is looking into our generator problem as well. Hopefully we'll be out of here in another week or so.



    1. Thanks, (K). Still troubleshooting these important issues as always...

  2. Just trying to make Mark's dreams a reality!

    As creepy as it is, it's really, really sweet that he wants to keep you around forever. James would say something more along the lines of "when you die, I'm going to pee on you"


  3. Haha! Well, those two things are not mutually exclusive. Mark would probably do that too...

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  5. He He HE..(sorry)..but I can't help laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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