Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sea hares

We discovered these things after accidentally dropping the dinghy anchor on one. It is a sea hare or sea slug After Matt asked what they were, a woman pulled him over to the side to whisper the local name for them out of earshot of the children--sea pussy. We wanted to know if they were edible and the answer is a resounding "no". Apparently they have poisoned dogs who ate them. Before we knew what they were Matt kept saying just poke at it with your finger, they're harmless. Um yeah, you touch it.
It's not clear whether the ink is a defense mechanism or just the slug equivalent of peeing its pants from fear. Yes, we stopped torturing them.

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  1. It looked more like a sea dog turd till you poked it. Then....can we say EWWWWW?

    We like it when you talk dirty to us!


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