Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Music on the beach

The other day we headed to the beach, which had a large section closed off and stages set up for concerts. Lynyrd Skynyrd and Kenny Chesny were some of the big names (definite country bend to the event). The docks were filled because of the concert. Here's a conversation Matt had when he was looking for the guy in charge of the docks:

Matt: Do you know where Tom (not his real name) is?
Unknown guy: Hm, no. [Glances over to the pool area and something catches his eye.] I think I know where he might be.
They walk over to the pool and the guy stops right behind an attractive woman wearing a piece of dental floss as a thong and stares at her behind as he says, "No, I don't see Tom anywhere."
This hotel that has the docks is known for its high concentration of hot scantily clad women. For some reason, Matt was gone for quite a while looking for Tom. Also, they make a mean (but pricey) Rum Runner.

Some boats decided to just anchor out to hear the tunes. It was
a little wavy but they didn't seem to mind.

You could hear the music all up and down the beach. Playing on the beach while listening to the concert was fun. It was a far cry from the deserted beaches in the Bahamas.

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