Wednesday, February 27, 2013


We bought some mint (for mojitos, of course) and basil. We will see whether (1) they survive our brown thumbs* and (2) we are allowed to bring them into the Bahamas. We already failed a little by putting the mint and basil in the same container as they have different sunlight needs.

*The aloe plant that another boat on the dock gave us is already looking a little yellow despite being "indestructible."


  1. Just don't make Basil Mojitos and Mint Spaghetti sauce!

  2. A tip with Aloe vera plants...they don't like too much sun. (this sounds like your problem) A spot that gets morning sun only is ideal. Especially if they are in pots. Also a spot that is shaded but gets plenty of sunlight is fine too. Just remember to water it. We have quite a few. One on our covered deck does really well.
    Hope this helps.

    1. Thanks Ruth! The aloe is looking a little yellowish right now, although some new green parts are coming through. Maybe it is too much sun...


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