Saturday, February 2, 2013

Attitude adjustments

The dot at the top is Matt. We really need to dig out
the good camera. Or get a better photographer.
After hauling (me) and being hauled (Matt) up the mast yesterday, we were both tired, sore and depressed (because after all that, the Wi-Fi repeater seems to work way better with the antenna in the cabin of our boat than on top of the mast). We were starving and really just wanted to order a pizza and call it a day. Matt was really strongly hinting that he would much rather get a pizza than cook. It sounded something like, "Let's just get a pizza."

But when we're "out there" we won't be able to just order a pizza. So we might as well get used to it, right? Speaking as the chief dish washer, it was an easier decision for me. As we passed by a family of cruisers carrying boxes of pizza back to their boat, I think Matt whimpered a little.

So we made homemade Pad Thai (improvising with spaghetti noodles and broccoli slaw instead of bean sprouts, which are not too popular in Ft. Lauderdale). It only took a little longer than the pizza would have and it was delicious (being really hungry always helps the flavor of things). We also felt good about ourselves for making the extra effort. It was like we were training a muscle of self-reliance or something.

So, what are we doing for dinner tonight? Ordering pizza of course.


  1. LOL! Of course my attitude would be that you're not going to be able to order pizza soon, so you might as well take advantage for as long as you can!

    I hate self-reliance. Too much work!


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