Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hurry up and wait

So far there was not a hitch. The workpeople, to be sure--riggers and
what not --were most annoyingly slow; but time cured that.
Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson
We are reading Treasure Island right now. It was written in 1883 and yet here we are in 2013, waiting for the riggers. They recently informed us that they could not install our new mast tracks without taking the mast down. Nevermind that two weeks ago they said they could.

So Friday we are having our mast taken down. Oh, well. It will give us the opportunity to inspect everything and install a new anchor light and radar mount without Matt getting a superwedgie going up the mast again.

Instead of this week, maybe we can set sail next week. Sigh.
Yesterday we played tourist and spent the day at the Miami Metropolitan Zoo. We practically had the whole place to ourselves. It is much more spread out than the zoos back in Chicago. They rent 4-wheel bicycles to facilitate getting around. There is also a tram and a monorail. Conrad and Mark spent most of their time digging in the dinosaur sand pit and jumping off a rock (things you can do for free outside of the zoo).
We met up with Shelley and Sanders, friends from Chicago who are in Miami for a few days, and ended the day with mojitos, which is becoming a theme for our time here, and Conrad tried escargot. Read his post about our day here.


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