Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Here fishy, fishy

We went fishing at Anglin's Pier last night. Even if you're not fishing there is a great view of the ocean (although you have to pay a small amount to get on the pier). Sometimes there is really good shrimping--a woman we talked to at Sailorman said she got 60 pounds with very little effort. But there haven't been any good shrimp runs this season yet.

The pelicans will steal your bait if you're not careful.
We didn't catch any keepers and fed the fish a lot of shrimp bits (the fishermen that were having success were using squid and bigger poles it seems; I'm sure there was no other reason) but it was a lot of fun. Another guy caught an eel and a ray.

We saw one guy who tags sharks for research spend 20 minutes trying to reel in a 6-foot shark. He kept running up and down the dock with his pole, ducking under everyone else's poles. In the end, it got away when he handed his pole to someone else and went down to the beach to get to the shark. Before he went down to the beach, he said that no one else should go down to the beach with the shark there. No problem.

One of the fisherman next to us gave us a good sized bluefish that Matt filleted up for dinner. There must have been a school coming by because while we were there 6 or 7 were caught.

The picture above was Conrad fishing while trying to explain the finer points of fishing to a 6-year old girl who was on the dock. It was a contest for who could talk the most. They both won.

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