Thursday, April 15, 2021

Hunt for the Wilderchildren


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If you haven't seen The Hunt for the Wilderpeople, I highly recommend it. This photo above is a shot from our own 'private' island (occasionally visited by locals but not since the start of Ramazan). Conrad is expressing himself using found objects, a.k.a. garbage, of which there is plenty unfortunately.

We have been enjoying the calm waters and lack of mosquitoes here (a huge plus!) before we make our final push south for Gan, our last destination in the Maldives. We want to time our departure from the Maldives to maximize our Chagos permit, which begins on May 1. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.


Wahoo revenge souvenir of five stitches

Matt's stitches have healed up and he has been able to get into the water again. The snorkeling and fishing here has been good and the coral is in relatively good condition compared to some of our stops up north.

We have seen some huge schools of parrot fish here

As Javerne and Marsouin have moved ahead, we finally met up with Paul and Chris on Georgia. We knew they were here in the Maldives, but had always been just in front of them as we have moved south. We haven't seen them since Tonga. It's been nice to catch up and reminisce. We all did a little beach clean-up and have seen some beautiful sunsets.

In case you were wondering, boat work continues to call. Matt had to replace a sheared off bolt (a bell housing, engine mount bolt in case you were wondering--yeah, I didn't think so), which is one of the boat jobs that sounds simple but takes multiple days, with much swearing and sweating. In the end, you have that feeling of accomplishment that you get from working hours on something, even though you only ended up where you were before the thing broke in the first place.

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