Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Would have, could have, should have

We attended a Tongan feast with several friends. We
almost missed it because we crossed the international date line

Matt noticed the other day that our old house resold for almost $150,000 more than we sold it for three and a half years ago. The couple that bought it from us made almost no changes, down to the placement of almost all the furniture and artwork they purchased from us. It was eerie to see the place almost the same as we had left it.

Conrad getting ready to dive down to get to Mariner's Cave submerged
entrance. He's come a long way in his snorkeling abilities.
After the initial vague regret of all the money we 'could' have had if we had waited a few years (not to mention the additional money we probably would have saved up), Matt and I quickly made peace with the new information. We have had so many unforgettable experiences with our boys during the last nearly-three years that I can't imagine having waited until now to start cruising. Life is short, which is the main reason we're out here. Of course, it's just as likely that we're much better at rationalizing our choices now. Boat ownership does that to you.
Swallows' Cave had huge ribbons of schooling fish. Our friends
on Miss Behaving took us and a bunch of other kid boats.

We are enjoying the relative civilization of Tonga, as well as the beautiful clear water and idyllic islands. The produce market has a lot more variety than we have seen in a long time and the meat pies are delicious. Food in general is inexpensive and the exchange rate is very favorable for us.
Conrad and Claudia (Seabbatical) sailing from one anchorage
to another. Finn and Riley were in another, while Hayley
from Miss Behaving windsurfed over.

Unfortunately, it's the coldest winter here that the locals have seen in a while (one morning the thermometer read in the high 60's F) so we haven't felt like swimming much. There are a lot of whales here and the pigs in town seem to rival the population in numbers.
Pigs digging for clams at low tide. They are very skittish.
You probably would be too if you were made of bacon.

We have said goodbye for now to several of the kid boats we have been sailing with, as we head in different directions. We're sad to see them go. We'll be in Tonga for another week or so and then we'll head to Fiji.

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