Wednesday, April 28, 2021

To Chagos and beyond


And, just like that (it seems), our three months in the Maldives is over and we head for Chagos. The weather and wind predictions are about as good as we can expect for this leg of our journey. We will probably have to motor at the beginning, until our wind fills in, and there may be some squalls. But we will be happy if we get some wind and not too many squalls.


One last turtle shot (our anchorage is lousy with them)

We will be off the grid for up to four weeks in Chagos (only email through our satellite phone) and then for another two weeks or so to get to and into the Seychelles. This will be the longest time that we have been without access to any shopping (our Pacific crossing was only 20 days!), so we are packed to the brim with food and fuel. Because most of the inhabitants were 'relocated', Chagos is a relatively untouched marine sanctuary that very few people get to visit. We'll try to do a blog update at some point through our sat phone email, but with technology being involved, we can't make any promises.

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  1. Safe passage - Fair winds and following seas lots of fish on the lines and long lasting eggs ! We look forward to hearing all about it ! Let us know if you need any help along the way !


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