Sunday, February 28, 2021

$30 in a restaurant...


The dodgy pier at the abandoned resort at Dholhiyadhoo

Sometimes we play a game at dinner where we say how much we think our entree would cost if we bought it in a restaurant in the States (have I mentioned that we don't have a TV?). Yesterday, Matt made a lobster risotto and we threw out some numbers, then settled on 'Market Price' because of the lobster. It was good but could have benefited from some white wine.

The over-water accommodations are now more 'in-water'

We have been having either fish or lobster (with squid thrown in every so often) almost every day since we arrived in the Maldives: grilled fish, pan-fried fish, grilled lobster, fish and chips, sushi (wahoo and tempura calamari), sweet and sour fish, fish dumplings, fish salad, fish chowder (New England and Manhattan styles), udon noodle soup with fish stock, fish tacos, ceviche, you name it. Between the two wahoo that we caught trolling a lure and the fish and lobster that Matt has speared, we are flush with fish. The kids keep asking for plain old pasta with marinara sauce for dinner (and we did make pizza once), but we're making hay while the fish sun is shining.


Due to the COVID restrictions in place in the Maldives, we have only been to uninhabited islands (except the abandoned resort that houses two caretakers), which has suited us just fine. We have occupied ourselves with swimming and snorkeling. Every now and then a fishing boat comes close enough to wave or shout a greeting (one even gave us a lobster). Sometimes the uninhabited islands get visits from resort boats bringing guests who want a 'private island' experience. We have been lucky enough to spend some time with a couple other cruising boats, but here in the Maldives the cruising boats seem to spread out among the sprawling atolls.


Matt going shopping for dinner

We will keep making our way south and hope to stop at an island where we will reportedly be allowed to get some fresh produce, which we're getting low on. Pie with canned peaches and fresh whipped cream will have to do as our fruit for now. In addition to fish-filled water and idyllic islands, the Maldives offers decent cell reception. Even when anchored in what looks like the middle of nowhere, we have been able to get at least some Internet reception.


Just a couple of the many, many fish here

Perry anchored near sand-covered Hurasfaruhuraa. (Definitely a Barbara Walters soft-focus effect and NOT a scratched, fogged up lens.) 


  1. Love the stunning photos. Check out Dream Week Ballet on YouTube.,SF Ballet stars just returned from Velaa Private Island performance. Long flight via Dubai. Your island looks much less expensive 😍

  2. Thanks, Burl. Yeah, we're on the budget plan for sure...

  3. Wow the Maldives! And still out there after all these years too!


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