Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lobster dinner, lobster salad, lobster sushi...

Conrad spotted these guys just walking together along the bottom of the reef. We shouted at Matt, who skeptically swam back over from the other side of the reef. While Matt got the first one, the second one conveniently stayed put.

We thought that they must have lived most of their lives within the park boundaries, where they are protected, and then wandered across the border to where we were. They were probably caught unaware, kind of like those American hikers that unwittingly crossed into Iran and were seized.

It is ironic that Conrad spotted them because he hates lobster. He tried one of these just to be sure but as soon as it went into his mouth he got a panicked look in his eyes and looked for somewhere to spit it out as soon as possible.

Each tail must have been at least two pounds. We were eating leftovers for two days afterwards. Bahamain-world problems--how to use lobster leftovers.


  1. Darn!! I knew I wanted to be down there with you. We could have gladly helped you eat up all that extra lobster.

  2. Very cool! Emma and I are in Roatan, Honduras suffering through our own First World Problems. I swear from where i am sitting right now, i can see another Prestige docked in Gibson Bight, Sandy Bay, Roatan. If you need a place to stay for a few months, i can hook you up with a school for the boys.


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