Monday, January 21, 2013

What about television?

Our old TV.
This is what we'll be doing now instead of TV.

Do you know someone who grew up not getting any sugar and is now addicted to it? That's what might happen to Conrad and Mark with television.


They used to watch about 2-3 hours a week (on weekends). Our close friend Laura lets her kids pretty much watch as much TV as they want. When we rented a house in Florida and her daughter had her face glued to a portable DVD player for most of the trip, I questioned that. But now I'm envious when I see her kids being indifferent to television. My kids would never walk away from a television that was turned on. Conrad will watch the cooking channel. And history shows. My kids will snarl and bite your hand if you try to turn the TV off without warning. They love, love, love television.

Maybe letting them have more of it would have lessened the appeal. But now it is too late for that and there will be even less TV than before. I like the idea but the kids do not. Matt seems to be adjusting and is actually reading a book--with WORDS and no pictures. I admit that we really missed this last season of Breaking Bad and will miss Game of Thrones when it starts up again. I guess it will be an adjustment for all of us kids.


  1. Maybe that's the trick, make them so bored that they'll WANT to do School Work!


  2. Ha! Devious and maybe true based on their actually asking to do school.


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