Sunday, July 9, 2017

More of the waiting-in-paradise game

Tuna in the can...
The good news is that our roller furler finally arrived at the rigger in Australia. Woohoo!

Unfortunately, once the rigger opened up the furler, he found a lot of corrosion and couldn't just replace the bearings. Which means the furler was toast. Our fantastic contact at ProFurl/ Wichard in Australia helped us locate a new unit that didn't dent the pocketbook too much (but it did leave a mark!) and would work with the rest of the system. It's currently en route from Oz.  Now, we play more of the postal waiting game even though we've already had our fill.

...and out.
All in all, we're in a pretty good place to wait. The 'dry' season isn't too dry so our water tanks are full but our solar is performing poorly, so our generator is getting a healthy workout. The cooler weather and water and breeze makes for better sleeping weather. We have made friends and been able to slow down and explore more.
Safety first. Putting on labels.

We finally got our tour of the SolTuna factory, which was fascinating for all of us. I thought it might put the kids off tuna but instead it made them like it even more.

The tasting. Everyone's new favorite was Spicy Tuna Delight.
We're back at Lola for a bit, hanging out with friends old and new and killing some time jigging for tasty mantis shrimp.
These weird-looking dudes are as long as your hand.

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