Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Adventures in wildlife

Grainy footage of black-tip reef shark
Zipolo Habu Resort's sweet spot is fishing and their skilled guides know where to find them. Most days end with the clients' catch being cleaned and the scraps being tossed to the abundant black-tip reef sharks that frequent the beach. The following shots show some of the action. The pictures are a bit grainy because the sharks and fish kick up a lot of silt, plus they are just screen captures from an older Go Pro unit.  Oh, you want 4k clarity?  Go watch the National Geographic channel.  We also don't have David Attenborough on retainer, in case you were wondering.  
Tommy, one of the kids staying at the resort, was kayaking in the shallow water near the feeding sharks with a string of bait trailing behind him from a rope wrapped around his waist. As the swarm of sharks around his kayak got more and more excited, one grabbed his line and jumped right next to the kayak. Tommy's expression suddenly changed from 'this is so cool' to abject terror. The shark was pulling Tommy's kayak backward so strongly that he couldn't paddle away. He quickly undid the rope of bait and paddled back to shore, none the worse for wear.

You talkin' to me?

This fellow was about 8' long
We got our furler part. We were so excited! Unfortunately it didn't include everything we need so we need to sort that out. Sigh. My parents had also sent a package with all kinds of goodies that we ordered. It's like Christmas in July. So we have that to entertain us.

Red sky at night

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  1. The story about Tommy was really scary. Glad it had a happy ending.


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