Saturday, July 22, 2017

Chillin' in the heat yo

Rescuing gobi fish

We had a fully sunny day for the first time in almost a week and we spent it exploring Rokana Nomana Island, near Lola Island.

The kids explored the huge low tide area and rescued stranded gobi fish. They walked around the island and reported seeing a yellow-spotted monitor lizard stealing some bird eggs. Matt and I (mostly Matt) caught a bucket full of mantis shrimp, with about a 50% success rate for each hole located. Mark and Conrad (with cries of "It's just a baby!" ) wanted us to let the smallest ones go.  Not gonna happen, the shrimp were way too hard-earned for that. Not to mention delicious. Especially the tender babies...
The next day we took the dinghy to Noro to stock up on fresh produce as we've managed to deplete it all hanging around Lola. Not sure if it's because of the resort, but no one comes up in canoes here to trade/sell produce. We almost didn't go as we hope to be back in Noro in a few days anyway to check out, but decided that the kids need a vegetable or two in the meantime, despite the clear nutritional value of shrimp, squid, and the Muzi Boko brownie mix. On the way back, we caught a decent-sized kingfish. It almost made up for the 5-footer that escaped with the lure a couple days back.

We're still in a holding pattern waiting for the last of the parts for the furler.  Fortunately, our contact at Wichard/Pro-Furl was very responsive and we should have the missing parts we need by early next week, dependent on Customs and the vagaries of  'Solomon Time'.

Many days Conrad takes hundreds of pictures.
A few of them are not bugs even.

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