Tuesday, July 21, 2015

It just goes to show, you can always find something to complain about

Snorkeling in Bora Bora.
One of our guidebooks quips that the best kept secret about French Polynesia is the lousy weather. We tend to agree with that (although everything is relative--we're not talking snow and freezing temperatures). Even when it's not raining, we have had to run our generator more than we have anywhere else during our two and a half years of cruising because of the cloudiness. We actually had to use jackets during a couple of passages for the first time since the Bahamas and sheets while sleeping. And yes, I am well aware that we are now complete babies when it comes to weather (what? it's not sunny and 80 F every day?!).  Luckily we have had plenty of postcard perfect days along the way too, but we did feel bad for the guests of a buddy boat of ours who unfortunately hit a really ugly streak of rainy weather during their 2 weeks here.  They still had a great time, as have we, since the beauty of the islands and the friendliness of the people transcends whatever the weather is serving up.

One of the floats from the Bastille Day celebration in Raiatea.
We have made our way to Bora Bora. The clear, shallow water and plentiful fish in the lagoon remind us of the Bahamas. The snorkeling has been fantastic and there are mantas, stingrays, and eagle rays everywhere. Good thing the water is so inviting, because the scenic motus (islands) surrounding the main island are privately owned and we hoi polloi are not allowed, even below the high water line. The rich and famous like their privacy. At $1,600 a night for some of the (relatively basic) accommodations, I guess you can't blame them. You don't even want to know what some if the private island cabanas go for...if you have to ask and all that.

Due to expiring visas, our time in French Polynesia is coming to an end. When we get a good weather window, we'll head west towards the Cook Islands. In the meantime, we'll squeeze in an early birthday party for Conrad while we're still in the company of most of the other kid boats.

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