Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hanging out in Tahiti

We have a ton of great shots of Mark being mauled by the very tame stingrays in Moorea. He was remarkably unphased by having stingrays all over him (there's a great shot of one on his face on our Facebook page). Conrad, on the other hand, was having none of it.

Whether it's because he's smarter than the rest of us or just scared, the result is that the best shots are of Mark. The stingrays loved the wahoo scraps we fed them. They suck them up like an industrial-strength vacuum cleaner. Mind your fingers and other loose items. 

We have left Tahiti and Moorea and are making our way towards Bora Bora, in the company of plenty of kid boats. The weeks-long Heiva Festival, leading up to Bastille Day, makes things quite festive in the islands.
Orange Festival in Tahiti. The locals had lots of good-natured
fun at Matt's expense, who handled it like a true showman.
Drone shot of our anchorage in Moorea. Photo courtesy of
Justin Page on s/v Miss Behaving.
Belvedere (lookout) in Moorea. Finally made it after 3 attempts.
There may have been bribery involving ice cream...
We liked the locks on the fence.

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