Monday, July 13, 2015

Amazing experiences, all the time--um, no

'To our tormentors'
Conrad and Mark wrote the note above during the recent several-hour passage from Huahine to Raiatea. Inside, the note reads, 'Subject: Don't be lame and torture us.' The body reads, 'I will not be able to live without touching Mark for the rest of the passage.' There are very detailed pictures of how we are torturing them.

Happier times on a dinghy trip up the river
on Raiatea with our friends on Seabbatical
The note was prompted by our directive that they stop all games that involve touching each other because (1) they were getting too rambunctious and very close to hurting themselves or the boat and (2) the games would invariably result in one or both crying/whining/being otherwise intolerable.

Conrad on Justin's shoulders with Riley nearby.
Other cruisers are always saying what amazing experiences our kids are having as cruisers. On the whole, I think that's true.  Of course, to them it just a normal day. Hopefully one day, even if it's 30 years down the road, they'll look back fondly and realize how lucky they were.  Or they'll hold grudges against us tormentors and put us in a nursing home the first chance they get.

Fern tattoos.

The white pollen from the ferns contrasts well
with the boys' tanned skin.
Homemade donuts and lots of 'em. Sugar high, anyone?


  1. the note is PRICELESS! Somewhere I have a photo or scan of a note the kids wrote us in a Penang coffee shop when they were ATO (All Templed Out). Just another day in the life...

  2. We are constantly joking with the kids about all the "Something else you will have to talk about with their therapist some day...".

    Overall our teens love it, but its not without the occasional pains and pangs!

  3. Jen/Matt: I want you to know that as one of your former tormentees, I am long past holding a grudge; i think it was last Tuesday that i stopped thinking about it. ;) As for putting you in a nursing home when you get old, I will try to talk Mark and Conrad out of it. I've got your back.


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