Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pipe Cay

Ooooozy, oooozy mud.

We had a fast sail from the anchorage outside Warderick Wells down to Pipe Cay. The anchorage is next to a private island. We thought that the area might have good fishing and conching because it is just south of the Exuma Land and Sea Park. The fishing didn't pan out, but we found a Cay with some trails that led to the Atlantic side where we found lots of periwinkles. These snails come jumbo-sized here.

The last time we were here, we asked some locals whether they eat those and were told that they don't eat them. It seems that they may have been holding out on us because some cruising friends told us that they are really good eating. You can use them like you would clams and Matt cooked up an amazing chowder. Preparation is a bit involved but the end result was delicious (especially when you're not the one cleaning and cooking them and scraping the bits off your shirt).

To get to the periwinkles, we had to tromp across a mud field that suctioned our shoes off and slimed our feet and ankles. Twice. It was one of those experiences that is unpleasant yet fun.

The winds have been strong and almost right on our nose as we have sailed south from Allen's.  With the reasonably calm seas on the banks side we had a fast sail to Black Point, even if we had to throw in a tack to get there.  Since the winds are veering further south, we may have to wait a bit in Black Point (we skipped Staniel Cay this year on our way down) for better winds to make it to George Town.


  1. When you heading back to the dark side?

    May be down this summer/fall before you take off again. Of course, I've said that before...

    1. I hope you make it down but we're planning to go and stay south this summer. It might be awhile before we get back to the States.

  2. I don't know about jumbo periwinkles but when they're regular size they are the only food you can eat that's negative calories (more work than energy derived).

    1. Only negative calories for the preparer for these bigger guys...


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