Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Norman's Cay and Warderick Wells

After leaving Allen's we headed down to Norman's Cay on the Exuma sound side.  We were hoping to troll through the deep waters and catch something tasty, but we only caught tangled fishing lines of epic proportions when we changed direction a bit too rapidly. 

The inner anchorage at Norman's puts you in a channel where there is good protection from the winds, but a brisk current runs through and reverses every 6 hours.  We heard there was good conching, so we headed out towards "the pond" with mollusks on our minds.  After searching high and low for over an hour and a half and not seeing a single conch, we started thinking that the tales of good conch were simply a joke to pull on the newbies like us and that the veterans were laughing their heads off as we zipped here and there in the dingy, stopping only to stick our heads over the side. 

Just as we were about to give up, we saw a conch.  And then another.  And then we were in a patch where there was a big conch every square foot or so.  It didn't take long to grab our allotted six and head back to the boat.  Cracked conch and conch salad were on the menu that night.   

Last year we skipped Warderick Wells, in the Exumas Land and Sea Park, because it seemed too crowded and the weather wasn't right. We're glad we made it this time because there were so many things we hadn't seen before in the Bahamas (or anywhere). We don't have any snorkeling pictures but we saw a grouper the size of the boys and enormous lobsters under almost every rock.

The trails and terrain are spectacular.

Sanctioned cruiser graffiti on Boo Boo Hill.

The blow holes were only blowing air this time but still made
quite an impression.
Murphy's Hideaway
Hutia love: These cat-sized rodents are endangered
 (but not on Warderick where the trails  and rocks are
literally covered with Hutia poop-pellets).

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