Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My, what a lovely bunch of coconuts

Coconuts are abundant in most places in the Bahamas. Matt has reduced opening the stubborn buggers down to a near science, although we have broken a couple knives because it's sort of like opening soft rocks. We like eating it raw, toasted, and in granola. Matt makes an amazing coconut cream pie and it's fruit so it's good for you, I'm pretty sure. Recently, I got the bug to make our own coconut milk. It's easy enough to do with a blender but we didn't want to use that much power so I found a no blend method online.

The results make a passable coconut milk for people with more time than money (or electricity). An added benefit is building arm muscles. You start with finely shredded coconut, add boiling water, and let it sit for half an hour. Then mash it up with potato masher until you can't stand it anymore. Strain the whole thing through cheesecloth and squeeze out all the oils and water. The coconut milk made a decent curry and we used the dry pulp in macaroons.

Thai curry with homemade coconut milk.


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