Monday, September 9, 2013

Happy cake day, Matt!

I don't think this lighthouse is the Edgartown is the smallest one in the U.S. but it is the smallest one we have seen. We held true to our pledge not to pay to climb any more lighthouses. It was a pretty easy decision because it just didn't seem worth it to pay $5 a person to climb the tiny tower when we have been to the top of some of the highest.  When it comes to lighthouses, size does matter, apparently.
While Matt went to the store, I hung out at the beach with the kids. It was warm and sunny as we walked into town but when we got to the shoreline, it was extremely windy. Also, the sun went behind the clouds soon after we arrived. I kept yelling at the kids not to go in the water because otherwise, they would have gone into the water. They have no sense. They act just like little kids.
We celebrated Matt's birthday with a fish dinner that Matt and Conrad caught and a carrot cake that I made. I have been known to bake things and leave out some key ingredient like baking soda, so this one turned out remarkably well, considering. Even if it hadn't worked out it wouldn't have been a tragedy, since Matt had already had a cake when we celebrated a bit early when his parents were in town. So this one was really just the icing on the...yeah.
We're headed back to Cuttyhunk today on our way to New York. It has been pleasant sleeping weather but too chilly and windy for our now thin blood. Where's that Indian Summer?

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