Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Detour to Point Judith, RI

After a rolly night at anchor, we left Cuttyhunk for Block Island, which is normally an all-day sail. The winds were forecasted to be 20 knots at the high end. As we sailed along, we happily encountered the forecasted 20-knot winds. Then they crept higher. As they pushed into the high 20s with gusts into the 30s, Matt put a reef in the main sail.
The winds continued to climb, churning up the waves into short, steep breakers that reached five and six feet at times. We were no longer in the protective lee of Cape Cod. Matt put a second reef in the main when the gusts were topping 40 knots. The winds continued to climb and the apparent wind reached almost 50 knots at one point. Waves splashed over the boat, spraying saltwater on everything.

Matt decided that we should take a detour at Point Judith, rather than take a long tack and continue the 18 miles to Block Island. Although we are on our way to New York to meet my parents, there was no reason to push the boat or ourselves unnecessarily.
At first, Conrad and Mark entertained themselves by building a wind-shielding fort out of the cushions in the cabin and helping us dodge crab pots. Then they started to feel a little queasy and decided to lie down for most of the remainder of the voyage. It doesn't take long for us to revert back to landlubbers.
When we arrived at the anchorage, the port engine cut-off switch decided to stop working again. Then it spontaneously started working again. It happened yesterday too, but seemed to work fine after Matt removed the switch and cleaned the leads. It might be time for a new switch.

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