Tuesday, September 3, 2013

50 shades of gray (weather)

The only other sailboat left in the anchorage.
There were a few hours of sunlight this morning, so we spent some time on the beach. We saw thousands of these periwinkles in the tidal pools on the beach. They're a delicacy in Great Britain and other places but these were so tiny it seems like you would need to be pretty desperate to snack on them. Apparently when they're sold as street food, they give you a pin to get the meat out. We also played monkey in the middle, which is a funny game when the kids can neither catch nor throw very well. 

As I'm writing this, we're on the boat enduring a 4-hour (going on 5) thunderstorm. The favorite pastime, the Lego, are in a timeout because of a refusal on the part of certain children to clean them up (ever). It's times like this when living aboard with kids becomes challenging. Instead, we are listening to the audiobook of Island of the Blue Dolphins. Conrad and Mark like it but we had to skip over the part where there was a human skeleton in a cave (Itsscary!! Idonwannalissen!!  Turnitoffnow!!). I guess I should appreciate this period of innocence while it lasts.

We also painted rocks. Now we know first hand why pet rocks became all the rage.

We first arrived at this anchorage over a month ago. Besides our week in P-Town, we have had a productive month of boat work and family visits. We were planning to leave tomorrow, wind and weather permitting, but we just ran out of propane (in both our tanks--it's a long story) and will stay an additional day to get it refilled here since it is relatively convenient. Luckily we were able to finish making dinner with the portable stove using one of the butane canisters that Matt bought on a whim thinking we shouldn't really need it.


  1. We once tried them in Montauk and came to the conclusion that periwinkles are the only calorie negative food...it takes so much energy to get that miniscule piece of flesh out of them.
    I like your painted stones...are you going to keep them?

    1. I can imagine--I thought blue crabs were bad but this is a whole different level.

      Yes, we will keep the stones (for now).


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