Tuesday, January 29, 2013

And...we have ice

Which we will need because the kids keep injuring themselves. Mark is very good at assessing his medical needs when he hurts himself. When he hurt his toe he immediately screamed, "I need a Band-Aid!" After he fell off the rope fence and hit his head, he yelled, "I need ICE!"

Here is an "after" picture of the freezer. Matt insulated it from the inside (the decision to insulate the inside is a long story relating to some questionable remodeling choices made by a previous owner). Although it reduced the square footage from 6.5 cubic feet to 4 cubic feet (we'll have even less than that because of the gigantic holding plate--the thing that makes it cold), it will be really well insulated. And it should be plenty big for us. Our boat friends on svFullMonty, who also have a Privilege, gave us the idea to insulate from the inside.

If you're interested in the nuts and bolts, Matt used 2-inch polyurethane foam backed board and laminated it with 2mm FRP board. Then we had a worker at the yard help epoxy in the joints. Matt amazed himself by fitting everything perfectly the first time. That never happens. All the years of woodworking prepared him for this moment. Or we got lucky. Either way, it looks beautiful. Now I just need to grow longer arms so I can reach the bottom.

Creative uses for wooden spoons
(making due without real clamps)

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