Monday, January 28, 2013

Alive and kicking...

We have been living aboard for a little over a month now. This is a life that Matt and I have been talking about for over a decade (with a solid 5-year plan that has taken about 7 years). So how is it you ask?

Well, we have been living in a marina and are having a bunch of work done. So in that respect, it is like living in your house while you're renovating it. In other words, stressful and annoying. Matt spends almost every daylight hour working on the boat (and a good chunk of the remainder thinking and researching). Although it is hard work for him, he gets to accomplish something concrete almost everyday. He is in his element with the wide variety of systems. But we hope to be traveling soon and only fixing things monthly (weekly?) rather than daily.

We are already used to getting enough sleep and the warmer weather. We start shivering when the mercury drops below 75 even though that is about 75 degrees warmer than Chicago right now. This article talks about hedonic adaptation. People get used to changes, even big ones, relatively quickly (whether it is winning the lottery or losing a limb). So we are pretty much used to cooking, eating, and sleeping on the boat. Even being with each other 24 x 7 is starting to seem normal. That does not mean that we always love being around each other. It does mean that we are learning how to be a family that sees one another more than a few hours a day. No one has been thrown overboard--yet.

In a few weeks (hopefully) when we start moving and are no longer in a semi-routine at the marina, we'll have a new set of changes to face. Here are a few boats pics, since people having been asking.


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